Chrome: Google now includes mini-games

Posted the 13/01/2020 17:18

Google has decided to integrate mini games into its Chrome browser. The experimental version of the web browser on Android offers users to play a different game every day. To have a chance to test this new feature, we invite you to install the APK of the latest version of Chrome Canary on your smartphone. 

Among the titles spotted by the media, there are games like Ghost Rush, the famous Snake, Minesweeper or a crab game. These are mini-games similar to the famous jumping dinosaur that has almost always been part of Chrome. In most cases, these games get tired after a few minutes.

To play, simply click on the "play" icon on the insert. To find games from previous days, simply type their name in the search bar with "play" in front of it. All the mini games featured so far are from old Google doodles. In the same vein, the firm is looking to group all its mini games in a hub accessible via chrome://games. Warning, this page is not yet accessible to users. Eventually, all the games available on the browser will be listed. The option is still at the development stage.

To test the mini games offered by Chrome, you are invited to install Chrome Canary, the test version of the browser. Developer-oriented, this is a very unstable version of Chrome. You may encounter bugs or latencies. Canary, on the other hand, always takes advantage of the latest features developed by the company's developers.