iPhone 11: the successor of the iPhone XR with a dual camera module

Posted the 20/09/2019 09:23

Apple is adding an ultra-wide-angle lens to its most popular iPhone model. It also includes the new Bionic A13 chip and promises an extra hour of autonomy compared to its predecessor.

The new iPhone will therefore be the 11th. Apple unveiled on September 10 its new smartphone, which succeeds the XR. The most visible innovation is the integration of a double camera module. The first lens is a 26 mm lens that opens at f/1.8, the second an ultra wide angle 13 mm lens that opens at f/2.4. Both sensors have a definition of 12 megapixels.

The great novelty is the appearance of an automatic "Night Mode", which finally seems equivalent to what the competition offers, in particular the "Night Vision" mode of Google's Pixel 3.

SOURCE: 01net