iPhone 12: Apple would launch it on time despite coronavirus

Posted the 21/02/2020 08:30


The iPhone 12 would finally be launched on time, despite rumors that it was delayed due to coronavirus. Apple would maintain its launch keynote in September, and the device would be available for purchase a few days later, as the firm is used to. Nevertheless stocks are likely to be particularly low, and the shortage almost certain.

The coronavirus epidemic is causing fears of many delays in the launch of high-tech products. Many production units are indeed running at a standstill, if not simply shut down. For the time being, the coronavirus continues to spread and cause death: 1380 people have died of the disease at the time of writing and 63,158 people are infected.

The situation has already led the organisers of the MWC 2020 to cancel the show, and there have been rumours for the past few days that the release of the iPhone 12 could also be the victim of the coronavirus. Last week, a report revealed that Apple had been forced not to send engineers to China to participate in the Engineering Validation Tests (EVT) stage. This is a step prior to Design Validation Testing (DVT) when Apple is 100% sure of the design and functionality of the device.

As a result, it was expected that the release date - or even the presentation date - of the iPhone 12 would be pushed back, whereas Apple usually presents its new iPhones during the month of September. But according to DigiTimes, the situation would not be as serious for the moment: Apple would have maintained the presentation date originally planned, and the device would, as usual, be on sale a few days after the keynote. Nevertheless, there will probably be shortages a little more intense than when the previous generations of iPhone were launched.**

But Apple would have moved part of its iPhone 12 production to Taiwan, in order to mitigate the effects of the health situation in China. Nevertheless, this new report should be taken with the utmost care: the coronavirus epidemic is still far from being contained, and the situation could evolve unfavourably in the coming weeks.

Source : phonandroid.com