Microsoft: Chromium-based Edge browser is available in final version

Posted the 22/01/2020 09:46


Available on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, the new Edge has the daunting task of relaunching Microsoft into the world of Web browsers. Based on Chromium, it takes most of the features of Google Chrome ... and adds more. 

Aware that its Edge browser has never really managed to impose itself, Microsoft had announced in late 2018 to start from scratch with a version based on Chromium, the open-source browser from Google.

By using its rival's technologies, Microsoft hopes to attract new users with a browser compatible with all modern sites, and available on a larger number of machines, such as Macs. More than a year after this shocking announcement, the new Microsoft Edge is available. 

All the features of Chrome 

As the new Edge is a derivative of Chromium, it is compatible with many of its functions. Synchronization of bookmarks, settings, addresses and passwords... Everything works perfectly between the two browsers. You can even use Chrome extensions on Edge. Only the synchronization of history and extensions are not available to date, but Microsoft ensures that it is working on it. 

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