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with the Solutions E-Marketing of Prosygma, your campaigns are real success!


More, you can even make your campaign and have a visibility on shipments and statistics to measure your success or we entrust.

For your campaigns on Prosyjob

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Comparison of our offers
Not animated banner design in JPG 20 000 CFA francs
Design animated banner in flash format 50 000 CFA francs
Broadcast in mode Non-exclusive use of the advertising banner Your banner or text is displayed randomly on all pages of the site or on some of them 5 CFA francs / display and click
Broadcast in exclusive mode of banner advertising Your banner or text is displayed only on the advertising space of your choice 10 CFA francs / display and click
Flyers design This is a color flyers designed to send to the company by mail to the target being in the PROSYJOB database 25 000 CFA francs
Direct mail flyers by mail The previously designed flyers sent to all or a profile selection. (The database of PROSYJOB is fully profiled). 10 CFA francs / email address
A skin of the site with your products or services changeable according to your needs On Quote
Excluding VAT

For your campaigns on social networks

Why a campaign on the social networks?

always stay in contact with Your Customers

All days, millions of content are shared on social networks, not only by individual users but also by companies. Do not part of this "overall discussion" means losing the opportunity to enter into direct contact with its existing customers and potential customers.

Foster the mouth to ears

establish a direct connection, a dialog with your customers, by providing them with exclusive content and quality with the objective to excite and speak in a positive way of your activity. Read their comments and respond to their requests is a way to learn to know and to improve the product or service that you offer.

targeted segmentation

segmentation of the categories of users whom social campaigns is extremely detailed and targeted to specific groups of individuals with common interests individuals. The advertising is not addressed to all, but exclusively to target customers the more in line with the offers of the moment. A segment specific well is identified in demographic terms, geographical, linguistic and according to the interests.

Benefits of a campaign on Facebook

optimization and management profiles and campaigns on social networks are activities at low cost compared to the initiatives of conventional promotion. Well constructed, they give the best results in terms of commitment. Stable and lasting relations are created with the users, you can retain your reference target.

Comparatif de nos offres

Characteristics Starter Professional On-Measure
Number of clicks Guaranteed 1000 5000 Choose the best of the customization for your campaigns on Facebook and you will be contacted by our specialists for a maintenance allowing us to better know your activity and to configure targeted campaigns on the best performance.
minimum duration of the campaign (days) 10 20
analyzes of the Internet site
Report On Performance
Selection of Facebook profiles
Creation of banners
Social Actions
Optimizing campaigns
Custom responsible of the management of Associates
150 000 Fcfa ( 229 €)
350 000 Fcfa ( 534 €)
on quote

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