Cameroon - Digitalization: the Camcis system will allow "an improvement (...) of the business environment".

Posted the 22/06/2020 09:14


In officially launching the new Cameroon Customs Information System (Camcis) a few days ago in Yaounde, Finance Minister, Louis Paul Motaze, indicated that this will lead to "a significant improvement in the business environment" of the country. Similarly, the member of government stressed that Camcis will promote "sustained profitability of the private sector".

And for good reason, he explained, this new system has three portals: the first is dedicated to customs officers, the second to economic operators and the third to the public. This makes it possible to carry out operations remotely. "Camcis is an electronic customs clearance system that integrates the entire customs clearance procedure, it considerably shortens the time needed to carry out import and export procedures while at the same time making customs duties and taxes more secure," said the Minfi.

Thanks to Camcis, users no longer need to go to customs offices to carry out their import-export operations, thus saving time and money. These indicators are taken into account in the Doing Business ranking carried out each year by the World Bank. In addition, this computer system offers free access to the various guides to foreign trade procedures as well as a number of useful information such as exchange rates, country codes and currency codes.

Inspired by the Korean model, Camcis replaces "Sydonia++", an application originally designed for statistical purposes. According to Cameroonian customs, the latter had weaknesses in handling all customs clearance procedures. This lengthened the time it took for goods to pass through.