Cameroon in search of digital solutions in its crusade against Coronavirus

Posted the 04/05/2020 08:33

On April 27, 2020, the closure of the "Barcamp Cameroon", launched on April 24 by the Minister of Posts and Telecoms (Minpostel), Minette Libom Li Likeng.   Placed under the sponsorship of Minpostel, this initiative led by young people passionate about ICT and technological innovation aims to contribute to the development of Cameroon, we learn from the organizers.

Articulated around the theme "Digitalizing Cameroon after Covid-19", the edition of this year 2020 had the major objective, we learn officially, to "propose ideas and concrete (digital) solutions that can enable the State of Cameroon to manage the crisis caused by Covid-19". 

The 3 winners of this edition are : 

1 - Health Pass COVID-19-Commuter Testing (Julie Laure K. Maison), an application that generates a QR code to allow public transport passengers to move freely.

2 - Virtual Doctor - Sunshine Advisory (Pierre Tchamo) A system that allows a doctor to be consulted remotely.

3 - Stay Outsafe (Hervé Djia), an application that allows people to go out and work safely during a crisis.

To do so, the participants competed in an online Hackathon (competition) on the theme: "Hack the Covid-19 crisis for Cameroon". "I have high hopes that the results achieved in several areas will help consolidate the application layer, in terms of applications that Cameroon needs in the fight against the pandemic," said Minister Libom Li Likeng.

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