Cameroon: The Ministry of Decentralization, Georges Elanga Obam, has embarked on a vast digitization operation

Posted the 09/12/2019 09:40

Cameroon's Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development does not want to remain on the sidelines of the wind of digitalization that is gradually blowing through Cameroon's public institutions. Cameroon's newest ministerial department also wants to take advantage of digital opportunities to simplify user services.

Speaking at a public meeting co-organized with CAMTEL on 25 November 2019 in Yaoundé, the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, Georges ELANGA OBAM, pointed out the essential nature of digital technology today. "The digital revolution has changed our world and changed our habits. In good and bad. But more in good than in bad. The benefits of our society's digital transformation are many, readable and tangible. It is therefore, and despite the excesses resulting from their misuse, an unavoidable path to be taken by all actors for the development of our communities and territories," he said. 

That is why, he said, his ministerial department is engaged in the digitalization of its services. And it starts with a specific area. The digitization of the civil status file, a vast program called "Cameroon's civil status rehabilitation program".

In addition, the minister said, Cameroonian municipalities, the first link in the decentralization process with a general mission of local development, have been involved in modernizing their services in recent years through the use of ICTs and digital tools. "In this respect, I would like to mention the positive application of certain software for municipal accounting, in particular the Sim_ba and Gescord software developed and put into operation with the cooperation and with international and national partners: the AIMF for Sim_ba and the PNDP for the Gescord application. The reports we receive from the municipalities on the use of these applications are positive," says the Minister.