Xiaomi postpones the launch of its futuristic smartphone, the Mi Mix Alpha

Posted the 10/01/2020 08:45


With a flexible screen that occupies its front, edges and most of its back, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is an intriguing smartphone, to say the least. Originally scheduled for release in late 2019, it has been postponed to a later date.

In the end, Xiaomi did not launch its Mi Mix Alpha in 2019. The Chinese brand had announced that its "concept phone" would be released in December, which was not the case despite its appearance in a few shops such as the Mi Store Opéra in Paris. Questioned by the Abacus website, which specializes in Chinese technology, Xiaomi says he has not yet determined a launch date for his Mi Mix Alpha.  


An amazing concept

Announced in September, the Mi Mix Alpha had surprised the world. Rather than making a foldable smartphone, Xiaomi preferred to create a device in the "classic" format covered (almost) entirely by a screen. In other words, the back of the device and its borders are also tactile. There are doubts about the usefulness of such technology, especially since accidental touching could spoil the experience.

With a screen ratio of 180.6% (yes, that doesn't make sense anymore!), the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is the smartphone of all excesses. It's also the most expensive ever offered by Xiaomi since it will cost the equivalent of 2500 euros at its launch. No need to tell you that we're expecting it. 

Source : 01net.com