Education - Covid-19: online tutoring sites - Tutoring - All levels - 20 sites.

Posted the 31/03/2020 08:00

The coronavirus tends has imposed a general containment in the world, to keep children awake and active we suggest sites of support, remedial, preparation, revision and accompaniment to help educational success. If you think it's always about reading pages of text, think again. Interactivity, videos, mobility and social networks are all here !

In Cameroon :  

1. - tutoring for secondary school, a kind of tutor who provides you with lessons, exercises and corrected tests.

2. - tutoring site that offers you: social learning, E-Lycée, annals of competitions and scholarship offers.

3. - professional tutoring site in Cameroon and outside Cameroon that provides you with courses and expert teachers from the industry. 

4. Kebisu is a bilingual, interactive, web-based tutoring platform containing nearly 10,000 interactive multimedia educational resources in line with the official Cameroonian CP curriculum for senior high school students.

5. a tutoring site for students in 12th grade and above. Remember to set up a private area for your oral conversations.

6. tutoring site offering teachers and courses given at the teacher's home or at home.

International (France, Canada and the United States)

1. Acadomia - France

Online or in-person support

2. Afterclass - France

Revision Bac and Brevet, with badges and exercises. Accessible also on mobile phone. Free of charge

3. Allo-Prof - Quebec

Teachers answer questions from primary and secondary schools. Cyberclasses with shared whiteboard, forum, virtual library and telephone help.

4. Personalized tutoring - France

Formerly "Rue des écoles" this site offers free tutoring from kindergarten to high school.

5. Cours Legendre - France

Professional school accompaniment. Online courses and coaching.

6. Dirlo School - France

Site for students in difficulty, for parents wishing to accompany their children and for teachers looking for exercise. Numerous worksheets in mathematics, French, history and geography.

7. Groupe Réussite - France

Mostly private lessons, but also an online support offer.

8. I'm succeeding - Quebec

Online Homework Help and Educational Resources, A collaboration between SchoolNet and the Government of Quebec. Free and professional.

9. Je revise - France

Revision for primary and middle school up to the 3rd grade...

10. The Web Teacher

Tutoring Videos - Reviewing Videos; by subscription

11. Good Teachers - France

Videos and exercises by certified National Education teachers. Paying for personalized support.

12. The Educational Web - France

Share knowledge

13. Maxicours - France

Review high school curricula using multiple-choice questionnaires (MCQs). Written by a hundred teachers. The MCQs are accompanied by a reminder of the courses. Intelligent.

14. Our Homework - USA

Homework Mutual. You help, we help. Interesting. Brainly division.