Web development tip: Discover Github Discussions for developer discussions!

Posted the 11/06/2020 08:00


GitHub is also preparing to launch a new community portal where developers can ask questions and discuss specific issues or topics within a project repository. Until now, these discussions could only take place through issues and pull requests, whereas there was a separate discussion tool for teams to plan and share information.

With GitHub Discussions, GitHub is now looking to build a community knowledge base outside of the main code base, and in fact it seems to be looking to do something similar to Stack Overflow. Discussions are built around threads, and questions can be identified as "answered" for future reference. GitHub Discussions has been available as a beta for some time now in several open source communities, and the company has stated that it will open it up more widely "in the near future".

Last, but not least, there are a few features focused on security. GitHub has also announced Code scanning and secret scanning to help communities on GitHub produce and use more secure code, and Private Instances to enable collaboration, even for customers subject to strict regulations.

Source: new technologies blog