We develop of the Platforms New generation combining creativity and advanced technology with a team animated by the same vocation: to design and realize the whole of your projects, from corporate site or community to Web Applications Innovative.

Our business

Our complementary skills allow us to conduct different types of web projects: Internet sites, mobile applications, web applications, and much more. We always put the user at the center of our reflections, workshops of design until the development of our sites and our applications.

Reservation of domain name

Your online success begins with your domain name!

Trust Prosygma Cameroon in the research and the management of your domain name with a wide choice of extensions to the best price.

Order your domain name and enjoy the many features:

  • mail accounts with 1 GB of storage space
  • 5 email accounts
  • redirection of unlimited emails
  • Customer service available 24h/24 and 7j/7
  • Wide choice of areas, including in the new extensions (.shop and .Club by example)
  • domain configuration simple and fast
  • protection against intrusions with locking of domain

Perform also your transfer of domain names for us in any simplicity. Join us and enjoy many services included:

  • redirections, complete management of the domain, creation of sub-domains
  • Support online 24h/24, 7J/7

Choose the best pack of accommodation for you!

Since 10 years, our different packages tailored with dedicated resources allow you to realize your projects even the more demanding on the web in all serenity thanks to the maximum performance of our data centers located in France and the United States.

We guarantee you endless possibilities in our packs:

  • Complete (field included, web space, MYSQL databases, traffic, accounts and storage unlimited emails)
  • Reliable (daily backup, 24/7 support, power and security strengthened, geo-redundancy)
  • Easy to use (open source applications)

Web hosting

Our Characteristics Classic Pack Professional Pack Pack Corporate
Disk Space 10 GB 25 GB Unlimited
Domain Name 1 1 5
Email Account 25 100 200 / Domain
Account Administrator
PHP4, 5.2 & 5.3 / ASP / ASP .NET
MySQL 5.1
Firewall, antivirus
Technical Support
SSL Security certificate
Professional Antispam ( 99% effectiveness)

25 000 Fcfa / year
39 € / year

50 000 Fcfa / year
77 € / year
A partir de
150 000 Fcfa / year
229 € / year

Backup my data online

Our Characteristics Classic Professional Corporate
Disk Space 10 Gb 25 GB 50 GB
FTP Account
Access to the data by internet
Technical Support
License and configuration of the backup software 100000 FCFA ( 153 €) 100000 FCFA ( 153 €) 100000 FCFA ( 153 €)
50000 Fcfa / year
77 € / year
100000 Fcfa / year
153 € / year
150000 Fcfa / year
229 € / year

Dedicated Server

Our Characteristics Classic Professional.
Disk Space 350 Gb 350 Gb 500 Gb
OS: Windows Server 2008/2012
Memory 4 Gb 4 Gb 8 Gb
bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Processor 2 GB Core Duo 2 GB Core Duo 6 GB Core i5
POP3 Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Detailed Statistics
Account Administrator
Access TSE
FTP Account
Firewall, antivirus (Norton Edition Server)
software configuration depending on uses standard software configuration depending on uses standard
Technical Support
1500000 Fcfa / year
2287 € / year
600000 Fcfa / year
915 € / year
2000000 Fcfa / year
3049 € / year

* Montant HORS TAXE. La TVA en vigeur est de 19.25%