47,000 prepaid electricity meters installed in Cameroon in 2020, more than 200,000 announced for 2021

Posted the 10/02/2021 08:00


The energy company Eneo, the Cameroonian subsidiary of the British investment fund Actis, reveals that it has installed 47,000 prepaid electricity meters in 2020 in Cameroon's two main pilot cities: Yaoundé and Douala.

The company explains that the modernization of metering equipment aims to give beneficiaries control over their consumption. Not only is the customer no longer stressed waiting for a bill, but also he is autonomous, changes his habits and takes control of his consumption, which he can manage efficiently by activating when necessary the energy saving lever.

In addition, this intelligent device enables the remote payment solution to be improved with the implementation of an integrative platform whose purpose is to avoid inconvenience to customers who pay on the edge of the deadline via partners. For the year 2021, Eneo plans to continue the popularization of prepaid meters with a projection of more than 200,000.

According to Eneo, these smart meters are linked to the "Metering Management System" (MMS), a system for remote acquisition of meter indexes. This platform, acquired since 2009, allows remote meter reading.

At the end of 2020, with 123,000 new active customers registered during the year, Eneo had 1,483,940 active customers, i.e. the same number of households and businesses securely connected to the grid.

Source : investiraucameroun.com