BlackBerry is soon back with a 5G smartphone with physical keyboard

Posted the 19/02/2021 08:00


Asked by our colleagues at Nikkei, Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility, announced the imminent arrival of a 5G smartphone equipped with a physical keyboard in North America, Europe and Asia. The phone can therefore be expected to be marketed in France.

FIH Mobile, Foxconn's branch that produces Android smartphones, is currently manufacturing the future flagship of BlackBerry. According to information from Nikkei, this device will be equipped with a high-end camera. The latest BlackBerry productions, including the highly successful KEY2, have never been distinguished by their photographic prowess or overall performance.

Unsurprisingly, OnwardMobility is primarily targeting this new BlackBerry to the business world. "Our smartphones with a physical keyboard can help increase productivity," says Peter Franklin. With its suite of secure applications, BlackBerry offers "better protection against data leakage and other cyber threats", which is on the rise with the advent of teleworking. An external cyber security company is even involved in the design of the smartphone.

Peter Franklin promises to say more quickly about the launch of the new smartphone with BlackBerry's physical keyboard. What do you think of the umpteenth return of the Canadian brand?