Cameroon-Google: Startup Weekend becomes Startup Week.


From 1 to 5 June 2020, the city of West Slope in the United States will host the first edition of the new format of the Startup Weekend program organized by Techstars in partnership with Google for Startups with the aim of stimulating innovation and coaching project leaders.

Formerly organised on weekends, this programme brings together different players in the digital sector (developers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, etc.) around ideas for creating new businesses.

The principle consists of forming teams around the ideas and developing a prototype presented after 54 hours of reflection and work. More than 135 countries and more than 210,000 entrepreneurs have subscribed to it since its launch in July 2007.

For the year 2020, fifteen cities will host Andrew Hyde's programme between June and November. They are West Slope, Tampa Bay, Libertador San Martin, Wako, New York City, San Antonio, Bergen, Detroit, Lusaka, Cochabamba, Washington, Dayton, Louisville and Lima.

The participating entrepreneurs will discuss daily topics from Tuesday to Friday: "testimonials from entrepreneurs", "market research", "structure your idea" and "pitch". The weekend will be dedicated to the "Coach meeting and fun evenings" (Saturday), followed by the pitching competition and the prize-giving ceremony (Sunday). 

In Cameroon, the first edition of this event took place in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in June 2017 before moving to Bafoussam in July 2019. It is therefore highly likely that the country will have an opportunity to forge its entrepreneurs to the mould of Startup Week.