Cameroon: Here is SYAMPE, the aggregation system that now allows to pay taxes online via all electronic payment methods.

Posted the 27/07/2020 09:03


In Cameroon, in addition to bank cards, it is now possible to pay taxes via mobile money, the means of payment most used by the population.

The announcement comes from the General Tax Directorate (DGI), which informs about the setting up of SYAMPE, the State's System for Aggregating Means of Payment.

On the website of the Directorate General of the Budget (DGB), it is stated that SYAMPE not only allows taxpayers to fully control their expenses without having to go to the competent administrations for follow-up, but also provides you with secure, automatic and authenticated statements of all tax and non-tax transactions. "This represents a considerable time saving while providing you with a module of all the unified payment methods available on a single platform. All in one ease", explains the DGB.

For the DGI, "this new portal for managing government transactions is aimed at business leaders, merchants, students, employees and all other professions combined. The aim of this digital platform is to provide taxpayers with all unified payment methods and thus facilitate the payment of tax and non-tax taxes, all in a simple, secure and authenticated manner". 

On the SYAMPE platform, which claims to be simple to use, new users can use a tutorial to familiarize themselves. Already, there are two processes to make a payment on this platform. The first, via direct payment. The taxpayer does not necessarily have a user account. The second implies the creation of a user account on the SYAMPE platform.  Once logged in, the taxpayer has direct access to his taxpayer space where he will find notifications, his user profile as well as a dashboard and all accompanying services. 

Taxpayers also have at their disposal a set of tools that allow them to access their history and monitor their tax situations and operations. They can also make claims directly from the platform. For tele-declarations, Cameroonian taxpayers can already connect online via the url

Source: DigitalbusinessAfrica