Cameroon: National Open Call for Tenders n°005/AONO/OBC/CIPM/2020


National Open Tender Notice n°005/AONO/OBC/CIPM/2020 

for the supply of reprographic and computer equipment, all of which have a large capacity. 

at the Baccalaureate Office of Cameroon.

Source of funding


1. Subject

Within the framework of strengthening the equipment of his institution, the Director of the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office has launched an Open National Call for Tenders for the supply of high capacity reprographic and computer equipment to the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office.

2. Estimated cost

The estimated cost of the services concerned, recorded in the budget of the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office for the financial year 2020, is 40,000,000 (Forty million) CFA francs including all taxes, i.e. 20,000,000 (Twenty million) CFA francs for Lot No. 01 and 20,000,000 (Twenty million) CFA francs for Lot No. 02.

3. Participation and origin

Participation in this invitation to tender is open to suppliers operating in the Republic of Cameroon.

4. Financing

The supply, subject of this National Open Call for Tenders, is financed by the Budget of the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office, financial year 2020.

5. Acquisition of the file

The Bidding Documents may be withdrawn from the Office du Baccalauréat du Cameroun, B.P 13904, Tel : 222-30-55-66/222-30-55-67, Service des Affaires Financières et du Matériel, as soon as this notice is published, against presentation of a receipt of payment of the sum of 100 000 (One hundred thousand) CFA francs non-refundable, made into the "Special Account CAS-ARMP" n°335988 opened at BICEC-.

6. Submission of bids

Proposals written in French or English in seven (07) copies, one (01) original and six (06) copies, marked as such, must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office no later than 12 noon on 30 March 2020 and must be marked :

National Open Call for Tenders n°005/AONO/OBC/CIPM/2020".

For the supply of reprographic and computer equipment, all of high capacity, to the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office.

To be opened only at the counting session".

7. Provisional Bond

Bids must be accompanied by a bid security in strict accordance with the model in the Bidding Documents in the amount of eight hundred thousand (800,000) CFA francs, i.e. FCFA 400,000 for Lot No. 01 and FCFA 400,000 for Lot No. 02, issued by a banking institution approved by the Ministry of Finance.

The deposit shall be valid (one hundred and twenty) 120 days from the date of submission of bids.

Non-compliance of a bond will result in the automatic rejection of the corresponding bid.

8. Admissibility of bids

The required administrative documents, including the bid bond, must be produced in the original or in certified true copies dated less than 3 months prior to rejection, unless otherwise provided for in the regulations.

9. Bid opening

Bids shall be opened on the premises of the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office on 30 March 2020 at 13:00 sharp local time by the Internal Commission for the Award of Contracts sitting in the presence of tenderers or their duly authorised representatives with full knowledge of the file. Any bid not produced in seven (07) copies and not complying with the requirements of the Bidding Documents will be declared inadmissible.

10. Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of the technical quality of the submission will be made on the basis of the binary mode scoring system (yes or no) in accordance with the following criteria:


  • These independent criteria are :
  • The incomplete administrative file (the tenderer has 48 hours to replace the missing elements of his file);
  • The absence of a bid bond;
  • The delivery time of more than 15 days;
  • Technical criteria below 80%.

11. Period of validity of bids

Tenderers shall remain bound by their tenders for 90 days from the date fixed for the receipt of tenders.

12. Additional information

For any additional information, the Supplier shall contact the Office du Baccalauréat du Cameroun located in the MVAN district in YAOUNDE B.P 13904, Tel: 222-30-55-66, Fax: (237) 222 30 55 67, email

YAOUNDE on March 05, 2020,