Cameroon: US-based Cargill to implement full traceability of its cocoa supply chain

Posted the 01/06/2020 08:00


By 2021, the American company Cargill, represented in Cameroon by Telcar Cocoa, will set up a complete traceability system for its direct cocoa supply chain, from the plantation to the factory.

In its 2018-2019 report, Cargill says it will implement this traceability through cooperative management systems in Cameroon. "We seek to provide clear, robust and transparent information, based on technology, and to partner with third-party certification bodies. This approach applies both to our direct supply chain, which is covered by the Cargill Cocoa Promise and accounts for about half of the cocoa we source, and to our indirect supply chain," the US firm explains.

Eventually, Cargill says that 100% traceability of cocoa beans from farm to plant should be achieved by 2030. In the meantime, the firm says the process is already in place in Côte d'Ivoire, where 77,320 farmers are now included in digital cooperative management systems.

 So far, these systems have tracked 151,190 tonnes of cocoa beans. They provide a digital interface for cooperatives to track cocoa beans down to the farm level and manage information on stocks, costs and outstanding loans.

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