Enabel launches a call for proposals for its digital social innovations programme

Enabel, the Belgian development agency, recently unveiled its data-driven programme of digital social innovations. This programme offers an exceptional opportunity for players in the technology sector to participate in the sustainable development of the African continent.

Content and benefits of the programme

The programme aims to support initiatives based on digital technology and data to provide solutions to social problems in Africa. It comprises two batches :

Lot 1: the themes and sectors vary depending on the country where the programme is implemented and Enabel's bilateral strategy in that specific country.

Lot 2: the themes and sectors are more flexible, focusing on areas such as e-health, digital inclusion and its multiple facets, climate change and governance.

Selected applicants will receive financial and technical support from Enabel to develop and implement their projects. The programme has a budget of €1,800,000, divided into €900,000 for each batch.



Grants ranging from €100,000 to €300,000 will be available, with a duration of 12 to 18 months.

How to take part in the programme

To be eligible for the programme, applicants must meet the following conditions :

  • Be a legal entity and a public or private not-for-profit player,
  • Be directly responsible for preparing and managing the action with the co-applicants and not act as an intermediary,
  • Demonstrate the capacity to manage public grants covering 40% of the amount requested, supported by a certificate of good execution signed by the donor,
  • Provide financial statements certified by an independent body and no more than two years old.

Applicants should download the guidelines and the introductory note to familiarise themselves with the procedure to be followed. They must then complete the online application form and upload the documents to be submitted.

The closing date for applications is 21 May 2024.

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Source : Enabel


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