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Entrepreuneuriat : Wood transformation arouses the interest of the footballer Chedjou !

Aurelien Chedjou, former Indomitable Lion, has been involved in the wood industry and particularly in carpentry for several years.

According to Léonie Chedjou, his wife and director of Micasa, they were impressed by the high cost of wooden furniture in Europe: "We wanted to buy a kitchen in Europe, but it was extremely expensive. We were immediately struck by the fact that we have wood in Cameroon. When we asked ourselves about it, we fell into this business".

Driven by the desire to get into this business, the couple planned to return to Cameroon in 2015. This is how the company Micasa was born, based in Akwa (in the city of Douala) and specialising in interior design (kitchens, bathrooms, storage, etc.).



The couple took advantage of the income from the footballer's rich career to buy the work equipment required for wood processing. Today, the SME has about 50 local employees.

It is in this context that the company received a visit on 8 May from some representatives of the Network of Parliamentarians for the Diaspora (Rep-Cod). They were given a tour of the carpentry workshop and the adjoining showroom, which enabled them to gauge Micasa's know-how.

The products marketed are part of the third stage of wood processing. The latter is a series of operations that result in finished products ready for domestic or professional use. For example, we can mention furniture, laminated flooring, pallets and cardboard.

Source : Cameroon tribune

Vanessa Ntoh

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