Google Drive will delete files from accounts that have been inactive for 2 years.

Posted the 19/11/2020 08:00


Google Drive will delete files stored by accounts that have been inactive for more than two years. To prevent your data from being deleted, Google requires users of its service to sign in to their account on a regular basis.

 On November 11, 2020, Google announced several changes to its service usage policy. First of all, the firm announced the end of free and unlimited storage on its Google Photos service. From 1 June 2021, "high quality or express quality content will be deducted from the storage space in your Google account". Unsurprisingly, Google advises users to opt for a Google One subscription.

Secondly, Google has mentioned the case of Google Drive. Now, the search giant has granted itself the right to delete data stored by accounts that have been inactive for more than 2 years. "If you are inactive in one or more of the services for two years (24 months), Google can delete the content of the service(s) for which you are inactive" warns Google in a blog post. It's the same warning if the storage space allocated to your account is full.

Google recommends that you sign in to Drive

Of course, Google is committed to notifying users of the imminent deletion of their files. The company promises to warn users "via email and notifications" at least three months before the 2 years of inactivity. On this side, Google uses a procedure similar to that of its "inactive account manager", a service designed to delete the data of deceased users after a certain period of time.

To prevent your files from being deleted by Google, the company invites you to regularly log in to your Google Drive account. "The easiest way to keep your account active is to regularly visit Google Drive via a web browser or an official Google application", says Google. This new policy will take effect on June 1, 2021. From that date, you will have 24 months to sign in to your account and prevent your files stored online from disappearing.