Google to integrate audio and video calling into Gmail


Google's email application will soon allow audio and video calls to other users without going through Google Meet.

Last June, Google announced its intention to deploy its office suite WorkSpace in Gmail to offer all its users a unified communication tool. Designed for collaborative work, WorkSpace allows you to create rooms, in fact workspaces integrating the tools of the Google office suite, similar to the channels on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The feature, which was present in the Gmail interface but not functional, is now enabled for all users. 


Audio and video calls in Gmail

The rollout of WorkSpace also signals the inauguration of new communications tools in Gmail. It will soon be possible to make audio and video calls to other Gmail users, from within Gmail, without having to launch the Google Meet application.


In other words, when the feature is fully deployed, you'll be able to call your colleagues using WorkSpace directly from Gmail.

To accompany the arrival of these new features, Google plans in the coming weeks to offer Gmail a new interface more digestible and a smoother navigation to easily access all the tools.

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