Qnet, Petronpay, Liyeplimal, list of the biggest financial scams in Africa.

In Africa, the lack of jobs makes young people take great risks. From the Malgreb to Black Africa, everyone talks about the risk of investing. 

For this, some crooked swindlers, playing on the written risk of the holy books, are phishing the people.  This is the case of the Ecclesiastical risk. Let us not forget also, in this same ecclesiastical part, 10:18 it is still written that: "the roof collapses on the one who is lazy..." As for the Qur'an, the beloved, the last Messenger said: "The best food is that which one acquires by means of the work of his hand" Reported by Al-bukhârî, bâb. Therefore, we agreed that two great holy books approve of earning through labour.  

However, today with the advent of easy gain, more cunning people in our society to make billions themselves, will set up schemes. Which scheme, will promise huge returns on investment, without doing anything. Neither intellectually nor physically. From the magistrate to the teacher, everyone can be taken in by these hairy silk scammers. Among others, we have the example of the classic Ponzi, the modernised Ponzi and the Madoff system. 


1- The classic Ponzi 

The classic ponzi

The classic Ponzi is the old form of financial scheme set up by Charles Ponzi in the 1920s in the United States. It consists in a simpler way, in setting up a business, where you ask people to invest in order to have financial freedom. Which financial freedom, you take the money of the new subscribers to satisfy the old subscribers. 

That is to say, I subscribe to your company with 100,000 CFA francs, when two (2) other people subscribe with 100,000 each, you give me 120,000 francs and you pocket 80,000 CFA francs. This makes 180,000 that you pocket from the 3 of us subscribers and so on. It works very well until there are not enough new entrants (subscribers). Or when everyone wants their money in the same period. NB: This system is repressed in every country in the world. Because the end is very pathetic.

Example: MEKIT INVEST, AFRICA'LIF in Cameroon. 


2- The modernised Ponzi scheme

The modernised Ponzi

The Ponzi in its modernised form is nothing more than the classic in another form. The same financial set-up, it is false advertising to attract more bait by highlighting "an article". It is the article, or the product, that veils the financial package. Here, the article is given a supernatural power. It is worshipped through fabricated testimonies. But you should know that the whole thing is really the financial set-up.

I explain with the example of the matchbox. To create a modernised Ponzi, I will tell you that "My matchbox is made from Chinese iroko wood, in the forests of the Papua New Guinea islands. The smoke that comes out of the matchbox is very good for your health, the smell even purifies your blood. It can even be used to ward off evil spells. Take 1 log, put it in half a glass of water and drink it every night for 7 days. Your life will be purified. Etc..." Then I arrange to have testimonies of people who have already experimented. (children, young and old).

I set the cost of the box of matches at 100.000 FCFA. So, anyone who sends 2 clients will get 120,000 and I will get 80,000... I also pocket the money from the 1st member's product and so on... This modernised Ponzi is the most dangerous. Because it is difficult for the States to identify it. The crooks manage to give you an item or product that you use. It is as if they have sold you something. NB: It is difficult to collapse, as the items feed the chain. However, it will collapse when everyone starts to understand the deception and the scam around it. 



3- The Madoff system

The Madoff System

The Madoff system is basically the Ponzi scheme. But, revolutionized. It is an almost undetectable scam, first for investors and then for the population. It is a matter of making a financial arrangement when talking about investing in the stock market. The returns on investment are incredible (300% or more). In Madoff, there is no volatility. That is, I tell you that I am investing in the stock market with your money. 

But the returns I promise you are stable. Whereas, the stock market itself goes up and down. In reality, your money was never invested. The money of the incoming subscribers will be used to pay the interest of the first investors. Vis versa... In the Madoff, the crooks, knowing that you don't know these things, are chatting you up with stock market titles. But nay (nothing). It's pure bullshit... NB: it is very difficult to detect. And, it can even last for several decades until the day of the big wind.


It is often difficult for people who have already invested in these scams to accept that they have been scammed. Also, the people who are enrolled in these scams, because they themselves have to recruit new subscribers, often have to harass their relatives and friends to subscribe as well. If you are being harassed by a relative who is offering you this type of investment, then beware. These are usually scams. 

Similarly if anyone offers you businesses where you are supposed to do nothing, or just buy an item, or you have to invest your money and expect huge profits, then beware. They are 99% scams. We will all work by the sweat of our brow. We hope we have cleared things up, so long as you don't mind!

Source: Brigade_Anti_Escrocs AND EtoudiBlog.cm