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 Raspberry Pi makes a comeback 

Raspberry Pi stocks are returning to normal. More and more units are being produced and dispatched to waiting customers, while purchasing restrictions are gradually being lifted.

It's not easy to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi, that microcomputer that fits in your hand but can still run Windows 11 if you want to. For years now, the vast majority of retailers have been showing stock shortages for virtually the entire range of the brand's products. Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi, declared that 2023 would be "the year of recovery", but it will still be 6 months before we see any improvement.

Microcomputer production has been rising steadily since January, and now stands at 1 million units per month. A rate that Eben Upton says he can maintain "as long as necessary to clear the remaining customer backlog and return to unrestricted availability". In fact, several official reseller sites are finally offering the various versions of the Raspberry Pi for purchase.



 Raspberry Pi stocks finally back to normal

However, the situation has not yet completely stabilised. The temporary price increase for the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB is still in place, and the company's CEO has also hinted that development of the Raspberry Pi 5 is on hold. He wants to concentrate first on ensuring that the 4 model, which came out just over 4 years ago, is sufficiently available. Finally, some vendors are still imposing purchase restrictions to prevent people from buying too many products in a single order. The speed with which these restrictions are lifted will vary from retailer to retailer.

However, we can expect the situation to return to normal in the remaining 6 months of 2023. This is good news when you consider the almost infinite possibilities of the Raspberry Pi, from retrogaming consoles to robots, cameras, video surveillance systems and even a book that writes the story you want thanks to ChatGPT (yes, it does). There's no need to wait for version 5 - the current model 4 is more than powerful enough to do all that.

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