Wood: The Tracer-Nkok system officially recognized by the European Union


After several months of work, the Tracer-Nkok system obtained its international recognition from the European Union on September 24, 2021.

This result will allow the TRACER-DR Due Diligence System used by its subsidiary FRM-Gabon, to implement its log supply procedure for the Nkok SEZ, in partnership with the Gabonese NGO Brainforest.

The specificity of the TRACER-DR Due Diligence system is that it is implemented as close as possible to the players in the timber industry in the Congo Basin, through the local subsidiaries of FRM Ingénierie.

Indeed, for nearly two years, FRM has been working to align its Due Diligence System, deployed at the request of GSEZ in the Nkok Special Economic Zone, with the requirements of the EUBR by meeting the many expectations of the European Commission. This decision is the culmination of the hard and passionate work of all the partners associated with this project, and opens a new era for commercial relations between the industrial wood processing units of the Nkok SEZ and their customers in Europe.

Concretely, the implications of this recognition for the access of TRACER-DR controlled wood on the European markets, is that from now on, the TRACER-DR System is recognized on the European space.

Timber importers in France and soon in other EU countries will be able to directly use this system for the implementation of their Due Diligence as required by the RBUE.

In addition, the Attestation-DR issued by TRACER to exporters of "Gabonese wood" from the Nkok SEZ and the Congo Basin will be directly used by their European importing clients (and even beyond) to justify the compliance of their supplies with the EUBR to the said suppliers in the context of their risk analysis.

This is a real breakthrough as TRACER's RD certificates were previously questioned in the European timber sector where the system was not yet known and recognized.

Source : Directinfogabon.com