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Zoom could launch an e-mail service to compete with Google and Microsoft.

Posted the 01/01/2021 08:01


The publisher of the video conferencing software would like to expand its business by offering its users an e-mail service and a calendar application.

Propelled to the rank of star application of videoconferencing solutions thanks to Covid-19, Zoom could soon compete with Google and Microsoft by launching its own e-mail service as well as a calendar application.

According to The Information's sources, Zoom would be developing on a webmail solution whose development would be advanced enough to start the first tests as early as next year. Several other clues, such as the publication of a job posting to work on chat features, suggest that the company is considering creating a complete suite of applications for business use.

If the information is true, Zoom would be in direct competition with two already well-established industry giants that offer users complete application packages: Microsoft with its Microsoft 365 suite, and Google with Workspace, both of which offer e-mail, a calendar application, as well as an instant messaging and video conferencing solution.

Source: 01net