Web-based forest management and traceability application.

Key principe &

Partner in good forest governance
Data control is the first step towards sustainable and responsible forest management. Pallitracks has been designed with this in mind, based on the requirements of forest management, legality, and certification, notably FSC and OLB.

This is why companies, institutions and governments concerned with good forest governance have quickly adopted the application as a working tool. Apart from the private sector, Pallitracks is currently involved in projects funded by the following institutions :


In summary, the application is based on the following points :

  • Simplifying forest data collection
  • Automatically check and audit data
  • Easily share information
  • Complete traceability of the resource
  • Valuing conservation, evaluating losses, optimising investment
  • Ensuring legality and facilitating certification

Simplifying forest data collection

Each company uses the approach that best suits its budget and staff.

There are 3 possibilities :

  • Traditional: Marking with paint and hammers, paper + manual encoding
  • Digital: Smartphone + barcode labels or RFID
  • Mixed

Automatically check and audit data

Example: an alert is triggered for the manager as soon as 80% of direct debit authorisations are reached.

Automated systems help to ensure compliance with legality and certification as appropriate, this can be :

  • Control at entry (blocking or warning)
  • Analysis after entry, with request for corrective action
  • Automatic alert sent to the right person

Easily share information

Information is available to all authorised persons with different levels of access:

  • Customers in the context of due diligence
  • Authorities in the context of controls and legal reporting obligations
  • Certifiers and auditors
  • Colleagues in the case of product exchange

Complete traceability of the resource

In addition, all interactions (consultation, modification and deletion) between users and the data are also traced.

The application covers all the activities of the timber industry to guarantee complete traceability:

  • Inventory
  • Tracing
  • Felling
  • Skidding
  • Forest preparation
  • Transportation
  • Parc activity
  • Customer reception and marketing
  • Processing from 1st to 3rd grade
  • Evacuation and export
  • Billing
  • Financial analysis

Valuing conservation, evaluating losses, optimising investment

NB: Pallitracks integrates the Chaudée formula used in Morocco and all cubing rates used in Africa.

Pallitracks integrates and simplifies the following calculations:

  • The estimated volume of standing trees on the basis of a cubing rate
  • The volume of carbon sequestered while these trees are not harvested, information that can be shared to show how responsible harvesting helps the forest regenerate
  • All material losses in the chain of custody. This can direct the company's investments towards optimizing the resource

Ensuring legality and facilitating certification

Once the documents have been uploaded they can be shared with others and the application helps to ensure that they are up to date.

The application has a repertory of documents that can be organised according to the standard to be respected:

  • Legality
  • Certification (OLB, FSC)
  • Due diligence

Some references

National system of traceability of teak in Benin: ONATRACK National cedar traceability system in Morocco: TRACEDRE Management system of the NKOK SEZ in Gabon: IWOODATA Support to the FAO-EU FLEGT project in CAR
  • Objective : OLB certification
  • Financing: FAO-FLEGT
  • Duration : 2 years
  • Objective: conservation and sustainable management
  • Funding: German Cooperation (German Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Duration : 1 year
  • Objective : Traceability and legality of the resource
  • Funding : FRMi
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Objective: Traceability and legality of the resource, securing forest revenues
  • Funding: FAO-EU FLEGT
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Accompaniment of the FLEGT process by the Pallitracks team


  • 1

    Designed with own funds for the company Pallisco.

  • 2

    Opening of the licence to other forestry companies, traceability of the 1st and 2nd transformation.

  • 3

    Traceability to export and invoicing of wood products and transport.

  • 4

    Addition of barcode management and 3rd transformation.

  • 5

    First international project : Implementation of sustainable management of teak plantations in Benin.

  • 6

    Added geo-referenced inventory and sustainable management of cedar forests in Morocco.

  • 7

    Major update in transport traceability and contract monitoring.

  • 8

    Addition of data graphics within the application.

  • 9

    RFID and the application will become 100% java.

Multi-company projects

GFBC project in Cameroon (7 companies) Gabontracks project (21 companies)
  • Financing: FAO-FLEGT
  • Companies involved : Pallisco, CIFM, Fipcam, CFC of the Wicwood group, Gracovi
  • Steering: GFBC, employers' association of the timber sector
  • Objective: due diligence
  • Duration: 2 phases of 1 year each
  • Result: a public interface fed automatically to trace wood from the forests of participating companies
  • Financing : AFD
  • Companies involved: companies in the group UFIGA, UFIAG and SIAD.
  • Objective: traceability and legality
  • Duration: 3 years
  • In progress

Community projects

COTTRACK: Community Timber track
Duration 2 years
Objective To help community forests manage and trace their timber
Result 1 Legality platform available:
Result 2 A functional web and mobile application: Cottracks
Result 3 5 community forests monitored and improving with the support of an agency: SAILD

To date, Pallitracks is about ten international projects, more than 1500 trained users, about 5 million ha of forest managed for an annual production of more than 2 million m3, all thanks to the work of about thirty collaborators.

Key Partners

The Pallitracks application now enables many companies and states to manage their forest resources sustainably.

These continuous improvements are made with the support of key partners such as: GFBC, UFIGA, Pallisco-CIFM, FIPCAM, CUF, Booming Group etc...

  • Pallisco FSC and OLB certified (logging): since 2011
  • Fipcam OLB certified (logging 1st and 2ᵉ transformation): since 2013
  • CUF OLB certified (logging 1st and 2nd processing): since 2014
  • In DRC, since 2019, logging, transport and export of logs.