Cloud computing: Companies need to better understand their responsibility for data security in the cloud


Cloud adoption has seen a sharp increase due to COVID-19, but misconceptions about responsibility for backup and recovery of data in the cloud and lack of confidence in the security of data held by public cloud service providers are also widespread. Example: OVH fire: over a thousand backups are unlikely to be recoverable, admits OVHcloud.

In addition, 44% of respondents believe that the protection and recovery of data stored in public clouds is the responsibility of the cloud provider, not the data owner.

When asked about the main barriers to adopting data services in the cloud, 40% cited regulations and compliance, 43% cited lack of control over data and 48% cited security issues.

"Companies are increasingly turning to cloud services as part of a hybrid data centre strategy to manage the cost and complexity of their data environments, which have generally become even more difficult to manage with the move to remote working," said Shridar Subramanian, CMO of Arcserve. "It is encouraging to see that many are planning to strengthen data security and safeguard investments with their MSPs (Managed Service Providers). The expertise that MSPs bring will enable these organisations to have well-defined and tested data protection and recovery plans." 


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