Microsoft: Windows 10 may offer usage profiles to better suit your needs.

Posted the 14/10/2020 08:00


Continuously improving the Windows experience for users is a never-ending quest for Microsoft. Among its latest ideas to better identify user needs are usage profiles to be determined the first time the computer is started.

Windows à la carte. One of the developers in charge of enhancements for Windows 10 has just shared Microsoft's latest idea for making your PC and pre-installed applications work best for you.

The first time you start the machine, a panel with several usage profiles would appear and, by selecting one or, perhaps, several of them, the OS would adapt and know which applications to load and which options to enable or disable so that you are not cluttered with unnecessary functionality.

Gamer or student, creative or rather pro? Choosing a profile would not only impact the app part but also the way the hardware could behave (screen, processor, battery). The components would be set up and managed by Windows 10 in a completely different way if you choose the Gaming or Business profiles.

A priori, the activation of profiles would be optional and we can't wait to see if we could select several of them. In this case, the question remains as to whether we should use a keyboard shortcut or access a particular menu to switch from one to the other, in order to always have the best of the machine and the OS available.

This feature is still being tested and is currently only available to developers and a handful of insiders.

Source : 01net